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 Estate Planning 101
for New Agents

Locate your niche with Estate planning today. While most realtors in your market do not understand this process, you will. Learn how to educate & empower your clients like never before. Not only will you stand out, but you will be genuinely helping those in your community.  

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LaShonda Renea Maxfield


LaShonda Renea is a reformed attorney in the personal development arena as a speaker and coach. She left the courtroom to create her classroom to teach by helping business owners and businesses prepare a blueprint to ensure less stress and uninterrupted operations during an unforeseen medical emergency. She also helps entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs navigate their way through legal questions & concerns with starting/maintaining a profitable business.  


LaShonda Renea has a passion for education. Her nonprofit, Sawubona Foundation, Inc., launched the nonprofit. initiative "Road to 100K." Road to 100K's purpose is to educate and empower 100,000 families to become legally literate about the end of life and estate planning. Less than 40% of all adults have an estate plan and legal documents. The mission of Road to 100K is to have people understand the importance of estate planning and end-of-life planning and start conversations with their loved ones. 

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